Albion: Combat Power Curves For Gear And Character

Albion Online, as a game with strong PvP focus, it’s that the combat power curves for gear and character progress are very flat. Actually, cross-platform MMOs have existed in the past, however, there is one game on the horizon that is looking at trying to make the idea a bit more mainstream. That game is Albion Online by a small development team working for Sandbox Interactive. It’s said to that cheap albion online gold for sale at U4GM.

Previously, Albion Online released a series of official trailer, and it highlighting some of the game’s systems, such as classing and PvP. Their version of classing is tied to the gear you wear, rather than what you choose at the character selection screen. Multiclassing or classless systems where you can have abilities tied to something besides picking a class when you create your character adds to versatility and can be really neat. More official trailer and screenshots, you can head over to:

Albion Online will be available on the three major desktop operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows), as well as the two major mobile platforms (Android, iOS). Because one game will bridge so many platforms, this is a fairly large obstacle to overcome, in order to make a game that’s seamless from device to device, while still managing to be an enjoyable experience no matter what you choose to play.

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